Not much movement today

13th June 2012

Only a few donations in the last day or so. But movement is movement and word of mouth is spreading. It may take a while, upwards and onwards...


12th June 2012

The clutch has gone on the car and when it went into the garage they said the front tyres are at legal minimum. Another bill and the site is only just getting started.

Total revenue from website: £30
Bill for car: £1,800
Not good.

A Jump!

11th June 2012

Well someone has been talking about the site because we had a jump today. Maybe it was a Monday thing. People have got back to work and told colleagues. If this rate of donations continues then I will achieve my target by the 6th May 2149.

Having calculated that date I am a little downhearted. Nevermind, tomorrow is another day and it can only get better. I am thinking about integrating with Facebook to boost the profile of the site. Does anyone have any experience with this? Drop me a line and don't forget to keep spreading the word.

Busy Day

10th June 2012

It has been a busy day with the family and I have not had much time to look at the site. Only £3 today which is disappointing. Hopefully this is because eveyone has been out and about on a Sunday and not sitting in front of their computers. Tomorrow is the start of the first full week of the experiment so fingers crossed.

Day Two

9th June 2012

Without any marketing budget it is going to be a struggle to get things moving quickly. Word of mouth is going to be my best bet. I have made a few pounds already but that is from friends and acquaintances so I don't think that will last much longer. If you have any suggestions on how to quickly spread the word about the site then please drop me a line.

Day One

8th June 2012

The site is up and running, the donation system is in place and the thermometer is set to zero. Ready to start the experiment to see if the internet really can change lives and the fortunes of one family.